dimanche, août 06, 2006

Retro 78

As the bloggable episodes multiply my time for blogging disappears. So a quick visit to a pc will be used simply to put up another photo that is a throwback to the ages. August 1978 to be exact. Accuser is almost three... cool innit? (dad seems to have held the camera funnily... but hey.. just adds to the fun!)

Post Scriptal Question: Did anyone notice the anomaly in the Times headline today? Government announced 8 million tax cutback. What it did not say is that it includes a reduction in departure tax as a cutback. What happens if that tax is declared illegal under EU laws? Will the government still be claiming to have been generous enough to cut taxes that it should never have collected n the first place? Remember my theory about nationalist government - hit them hard, so that the moderate measure proposed later will be a godsend.

I'm off to the Waterfront.

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