jeudi, février 15, 2007

Osing It

I am one of the many people who uses Google at least once a day. If you are a like-minded internet user you would also know that Google regularly changes the look of its simple search page title in accordance to the particular event or celebration on a particular day. Yesterday, February 14th being St Valentine's many will have noticed the cute stylisation of the second G in google (see above) that was transformed into a chocolate wrapped strawberry. Very cutish as Hsejjes would say.

Many, including, myself would not have noticed that this particular version of the google title lacked the "L". Apparently this mistake lasted a whole day and was noticed by hundreds of bloggers who immediately asked "What is a Googe?"

Funny how sometimes the brain takes in a shape and assumes that it is always going to be the same and will ignore a missing particular. I know there are scientific studies about this... I just hope that you will notice that J'accuse will be missing from tomorrow through to Monday (inclusive) because I am off for a four-day visit to Londinium.

Don't be too naughty while I am gone and will someone please feed the godfish?

Be seeing you.

2 commentaires:

Kenneth a dit…

What's green (as in the standard logo) and has the shape of an "l"?

The strawberry's stem, of course!

Ingrid a dit…

Thank you, Kenneth - I was just about to say the same thing. The 'L' is so well-camouflaged that... well... some people didn't even notice it!
Hope you enjoyed your weekend away, Jacques!