samedi, février 03, 2007

Satire at Last

Regular readers of this blog will surely be familiar with our strong belief in all things satirical. In the distant past of the Maltese blogosphere we had our own share of tiffs with those who did not savour the satirical pill too well. Anyways, bygones are bygones and we applaud the decision of the chairman of the National Folklore Commission to reintroduce satire in the national carnival. I used to look at pre-1936 carnival floats with envy - they wasted no opportunity to satirise the politicians of the moment... let us hope that this careful step ushers in a new moment wherein we learn a little more about laughing about ourselves.

Elsewhere a Thermidor moment pokes fun at the Green's aim of 2,000 votes in one district. The Greens become a little practical about their electoral aims and Thermidor goes ballistic. A marked contrast with the deafening silence which shrouded the MLPN agreement on Elections and all things Duopolistic. And since when does mixing national thresholds with districtual ones become a sensible statistical exercise?

Of course it exists Fausto... it's just that you choose (conveniently) to be too blind to see it.

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Fausto Majistral a dit…

Did I say the Greens had "become a little practical"? I only meant that their skills at mathematics seem to have improved. Two thousand in a district is pie-in-the-sky.

And I did comment on the electoral reform agreement. The problem's probably that those who are ready to claim, with a straight face, that gerrymandering denies the Greens parliamentary representation were unable to understand my points.

Arcibald a dit…

In the article about the re-introduction of satire they also said "Satire has to be done in a dignified and controlled way"... which defies the purpose in my opinion. Take a look at this to see the meaning of satire and why is ought to be uncontrolled...

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

No. You did not say that the Greens had become a little practical. I did. I also said that because they had become so you went ballistic.

I'm impressed that you can hold a straight face when you think that a low threshold would still keep Greens out of parliament.

P.S. Thanks Bald for the link. Very interesting