vendredi, février 09, 2007

Short from the Court

Di-ve reports another case from Malta's criminal courts. We do not normally deal with this kind of story but two elements attracted our critical eye:

1. The name. JOSWIL. This should teach parents. Be careful what to call your offspring. You never know when they will get their few moments of fame... and to get caught with a name like that.

2. Then there was the guy who met Joswil outside the restaurant. The witness told the court that when he met Joswil outside he was "full of anger". Dear dear. So what does our witness decide to do? "He tried to calm him down by offering him a coffee but he then left." As usual di-ve regales us with a profligacy of "he"s to the point where we do not know if "he" is Joswil or the witness. Better than that is the genius of said witness. A coffee to calm someone down? Now that's one I had never heard before. He should have been jailed.

3. Do note how the girlfriend's surname changes from Bickle to Bickley half way through the story. A bit fickle don't you think?

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Anonyme a dit…

You may have noticed that the name of singer who placed third in Malta's Eurovision contest is KLINSMANN! Luckily he is not representing Malta, but what an unfortunate name...who know's maybe one day he will make to the Eurovision (not that is necessarily a great thing...)

Anonyme a dit…

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

Yes. Klinsmann Coleiro has long been documented as one of the wired names in Malta. First signalled on il Bollettino after having been sighted performing at a music festival in Marsalforn. He joins the ranks of the increasing number of unfortunate persons who have been given the SURNAME of a famous footballer as their first name. See BETTEGA, CAUSIO, EUSEBIO et cetera ad nauseam.