lundi, mars 28, 2005

Homo Sapiens Non Urinat In Ventum

Close to Schiphol Airport, more precisely at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel, I have decided to add this little blog from the reception... to fill the time till Melanie decides to come down and check out! This quick three day escapade to Amsterdam over the Easter weekend has been nice. It was not my first time in this city but this time I was impressed by its obsession with the science of urination. It is everywhere. They have signs pointing you to the closest urinoir (hold on, just seventy metres to go), they have the most obsessively clean toilets I've ever seen and there seems to be an undeclared competition for the coolest toilet gadget.

My personal favourite is the toilet in the kiosk-cum-restaurant on Museumsplein. Here I found a transparent toilet door that when locked turned magically matt. The standing pissoirs each had a little monitor to ensure that clients do not miss out on any of the action if they pop down for a we during their all important football matches.

I forget the location, though I am quite sure it is near the Rijksmuseum; there in a busy street one finds a Roman Style Arch, of the kind Rome is littered with, and upon it inscribed for all to see Homo Sapiens Non Urinat in Ventum. Words from the wise: an intelligent man does not piss against the wind. Why oh why is the Manneken Piss in Brussels... so not right. He should lift his little todger and take the two hour drive to the Mokum where the art of urinating is much more than a mere release of bodily fluids.

Anyway... time is running out on this ultra-expensive pay as you surf internet thingy so I will continue in the next blog. Meanwhile Happy Easter to all... it's been great in Amsterdam...

... in fact its pissin' good!

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Kenneth a dit…

In Malta we stick to the cheaper approach: piss wherever you feel like, make yourself at home.

gybexi a dit…

not to be pedantic or anything but shouldn't that be "ventosus"?

ventosus: full of wind, windy, breezy.
ventulus: breeze, soft wind.
ventus: wind, rumor, favor.