mercredi, mars 30, 2005


Photography has always been a fascinating subject to me. The more it fascinates me, the more I seem to be hopeless in anything remotely linked to the matter. I am unable to 'organise' photos with any photo organiser, I seem to be able to purchase the worst of cameras and the few good photos I manage to take are only good out of pure chance. That's unlike AC who manages to snap wonderful photos because she has 'the eye' as the French like to put it (nothing to do with the Italian version of 'the eye' which is much more sinister and bizarre).

Meanwhile I have been trying to put a snapshot of myself taken by AM in the Canaries onto this blogg. Trying is an understatement. I had been attempting to decipher all sorts of
tags and stuff and finally understood that if I copy a sample from one page and stick it in the middle of a template on another page something should happen. Lo and behold... a photo on my page. Erm no.... two photos on my page. The miracle of proliferation. Not quite as good as the fish and bread stunt by the big J back in Galilee but, considering the lack of intention, a stunt all the same.

Ah well... more mugshots of me... Hope this explains why... because I am NOT going to try to find out how to remove one of them. In the loving words of my compatriots... INZAB***.

A bien tot.

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Mark Vella a dit…

Mela issa spjegah lili, jekk joghgbok. Huma mehtiega ucuh hafna isbah fil-blogosfera.


gybexi a dit…

x'posa ta' Marlon Buhagiar li jarma s-sawnd tal-karozzi fil-garaxx wara l-knisja tal-Kuncizzjoni ghandek hemm habib.

meta ser isir bil-Malti l-blogg tieghek btw?

-- a dit…
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