mardi, mars 22, 2005

However the bishop of Gozo did not accepted his resignation.

Thank God, It's Friday (and Wednesday)

Seems like the Good Friday Accords have been saved and that the parruccani (parishioners) of Citta Vittoria will still have their two Good Friday Processions. One will be held on Not So Good Wednesday while the other will be held on GF as per usual (in accordance with the signed agreement of a hot 1976 debate). When reading such news I am loathe to compare the difficulties involved in reaching such agreements to the convoluted discussions that go on in Belfast, Madrid or Jerusalem. On the other hand it all boils down to human fallibility and human nature. Oh yes, to err is human... to forgive seems to be beyond our shepherds of the flock.
It was also interesting to note the authoritative structure of the Church (and it has every right to operate in that manner) when taking such decisions. Democracy has no place in the folds of the suttana (cassock). Maybe it is better that way, after all hasn't democracy been defined as four wolves and a lamb voting about lunch?

Human Errors and Di-ve-ine Concepts
I find as a very good source of real time news about my homeland. What does frustrate me however is the atrocious level of the english that is constantly shot at readers of this quick service news. A rapid look at the concluding sentence in the Good Friday Dispute Article and you will soon see what I am on about. It's not the first time... and will not be the last. Otherwise a thumbs up to Di-ve's dedication to the closest thing to a real-time service we may have.

Times of Malta Round-Up
A more conventional and less error-prone source of news is the Times. Good old Times of Malta, also tied to memorable Fridays in the past. Today's Times is a wonderful kaleidoscope of information which I feel requires comment since it reinforces certain ideas I have put forward in earlier blogs:
  1. Malta Placed Bottom in Lisbon Process: Okay. Here we go. Almost one year in the EU and we rank with Bulgaria and Romania. Economically? No not just. It includes female employment rankings and achievements in secondary education. Dumping in Landfills is significant... others are cutting down and we are adding I repeat adding the amount of dump per person. Every Maltese citizen is worth 187kg of rubbish a year. We should put it on our ID cards instead of the photo. Every one with his personalised photo of rubbish... However do not panic. I am hoping that some Macchiavellian minded Nationalist at Darcentrali has seen all this. The chart comes conveniently at a half-way term in government. I'm ready to bet that for most of the standards the results will be very different as elections approach. Then we will be the record country that bounces from 27th to 8th in one go. Thanks to lies, damned lies and statistics.
  2. Cassola accuses Nationalists of sleeping over sixth EP seat: Boo-hoo. The self-appointed largest group in the EP has not moved one finger to try and get that much-deserved observer seat for Dr. Cassola before time runs out. What's new pussy cat? Remember the wolves and the lamb? That's democracy. We need it - but we need to open our eyes to its rules and understand how to make better use of it ourselves. Especially at ballot time.
  3. Paceville Parking: "Kevin Decesare, one of the co-owners of several businesses in Paceville including the Eden Century Cinema, said there was no way business would be attracted to Paceville with such parking restrictions. "What would patrons at the cinema do? Go out to move their car and then come back to watch the film?" he asked." Oh come on Kevin! Next time you are in Luxembourg I'll invite you to an all-expenses paid trip to Utopolis and Utopia cinemas. We will buy popcorn (cheaper than at Eden and salted or sweet), Coke (cheaper than at Eden) at a cinema (same price tickets as Eden though - one out of three ain't bad) while parked in an underground parking where you might pay �2 at the end of the show if it exceeds a three hour stay. And by the way... no intermission.
  4. Travel authorities agree approach to low-cost airlines: Pop. Did you hear that? It was my dreams of flying Ryanair from Frankfurt-Hahn to Malta on a �120 return trip bursting in one instant. thank you very bloody much Minister Zammit Dimech. Thank you so much travel authorities. For crying out loud where is an Anti-Trust authority when you need one. A partitioning of travel destinations among Air Malta and the cheap rest. Suspected concerted agreement. Suspected? When it is written in black and white on the Times? With Minster Zammit Dimech announcing it like a long-lost Sir Galahad returning with a suspicious polaroid of what could be the Holy Grail but could also be Aunt Lucy's long lost missing chalice from her Anniversary Jubilee set! Give me a break.... a cheap one.

That's it. Enjoy the news. Enjoy the errors.

And I know... probably the greatest errors are my own.

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