samedi, mars 12, 2005

Quod Alios Dicerunt

This is what others have had to say about this blog.

"a Luxembourger that smells of Gozo cheese".
(Lorna Vassallo, TOM, 14th July 2005)

"One blog that I found illuminating is to be found at It is written by a young chap who starts out by telling us that he has been described as arrogant and rude. He goes on to prove or disprove this description and it is an exercise that repays the effort made to have a surf over to the site to see which of these two aims he actually achieves."
(I.M.Beck, TOM, 18th June 2005)

"Jacques René Zammit is a lawyer and Terry Pratchett reader, currently residing in Luxembourg. He started off his new blog (the other being the wildly successful Bollettino) by talking about the mentality of The Kinnie Generation and its quest for eternal fame."

"J'accuse Zammit
Jacques has pre-empted most of the topics I had intended to blog about today in one massive outpour (and it's not called "overblog", it's called "blogorrhea"). Not to mention all the gadgetry he's managed to install on his site. Maybe I should also have a clock installed ..."
(Fausto Majjistral)

"Thank God it's ThursdayI've grown to love Thursdays. Not all Thursdays, of course. Just those Thursdays when Lorna Vassallo writes in The Times. And it's not Vassallo's articles I care about; it's Jacques writing about Vassallo's writings."
(Fausto Majjistral)

"Del Papa, la muerte y otras cosas sin importanciaAcabo de leer un post extraordinario que me gustaria compartir con nuestra ingente legion (ja!) de lectores. Esta en ingles."

"Kinnie GenerationA promising new addition to the Maltese Blogosphere has appeared on the scene. Warm welcome to Luxembourg based Jacques René Zammit otherwise known as Gakbu Sfigho of Il Bollettino della Sfiga fame."
(Robert Micallef, Wired Temples)

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