mercredi, mars 23, 2005

Once a Rose always a Rose

I'm Leaving. On an Airmalta plane.
Tomorrow I will reluctantly leave the Maltese Islands. Much more reluctantly than usual. I had a distant forebodeing that this would happen as I stepped off the plane almost seven days ago. The first sniff of Mediterrenean air was of the kind that makes you fall in love with the place all over again. The smell stayed throughout and its pulling factor was immensely improved by the good company, good wine and good fun to be had on the rock.

Final purchases have been made and les valises sont faites. What remains now are the mental polaroids that together with the fading smell of the isle will linger a little longer in my mind. Walking along the Sliema front of les frimeurs I could not hold back a smile of contentment. The Sliema stroll should be copyrighted for posterity and safeguarded as part of our cultural heritage. I just love that corner near Girgio's where there is probably the world's greatest concentration of show-offs since King's Road, Chelsea.

They seek them here, they seek them there, contentedly sipping their warm lattes while the sun toys playfully with Manoel Island and the yachts along the harbour. Oh for heaven's sake, I'm getting sentimental over a bunch of wankers and their fashionista trends. Thing is, in Luxembourg everyone is so beyond bourgeoisie that you cannot go around feeling morally superior without also feeling a tramp at the same time... here you can. And how!

Unchristian Names
One thing has definitely struck me while being served across the counter in various establishments. The names, the funny names, the oh my god not another one kind. So thank you Franceanne at BHS for so kindly changing the linen I had wrongly measured for my flat, thank you Carinzia for the smile which came with the service, and thank you Hypatia for that wonderful nonchalance with which you delivered the large fries with coke. Well, there must be something about Mary... but nothing beats a good Hypatia these days... go large of course!

that should be all. Got one last dinner to go to. One last farewell. And if my mum insists on playing that CD of this year's Malta Song for Europe contest I will definitely be shooting someone in the head.
see ya in Lux.

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