vendredi, avril 15, 2005

I can't wait .... for the weekend to begin

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Every morning on my way up to my second floor office at the Court of Justice I pass a sign on the elevator warning me not to use it in case of fire. It is incredible how we would ignore such signs in our everyday routine. They become inbuilt and stop being registered after a while having entered the part of the brain that runs and registers on automatic. I would ignore the sign too was it not in a language that is alien to me. Instead, since the words do not make immediate impact to me � they have to be processed each time before being shelved once more into the subconscious � I read them almost each time. The fact that the sign is placed just above the button for the elevator must have its effect too.

Well. Im Brandfall Aufzug Nicht Benutzen. Do not use the elevator in case of fire. Of course not. But does that "of course not" register in a moment of panic? What happens when the fumes choke, the flames burn and the adrenaline rushes? Do you have time to think of the nicht benutzen while hanging on to dear life? At which point do you chose the maximum risk of gravity and jump out of the sixth floor window?

These thoughts rushed to my mind on that fatal September 11th and came back during the reportage of the Paris Hotel tragedy. It's sad� even sadder when safety measures are not followed. Yes. That irritating Health and Safety Inspector. One look at and its gallery of farces in our small island and the flagrant violation of safety measures comes out in the open. Once again, we are so good as a people to aggregate into some temple of worship and collectively mourn loved ones who passed away showering eulogies upon their departed souls. If only that effort could have been channelled in prevention! Accepting regulation for what it is. Not condoning violations.

At least remember this one for now�. Im brandfall aufzug nicht benutzen.

Far from the Maddening Crowd?

I have to get at Massimo Farrugia again. Can someone please send the guy to a mass meeting or mass event? He seems obsessed with attendance to the point of distracting readers like me from the point of his articles. Dr Stefanova told a handful of journalists and reviewers over lunch at St James Cavalier� Here we go again. This time it is the naughty journalists who did not turn up. A handful is it? Tut tut. Where are the masses of luminaries when you need them. Please please please could the times buy Massimo a couple of tickets for the next Brighton Beach festival? I would not risk sending him to a party meeting in case he incurs the wrath of some leadership by criticising the attendance there!

People do not believe the government

People do not believe Tom Gonzi anymore because they realise he has deceived them. Says the MLP. It's a matter of belief once again. We are the poor electors who do not entrust our politicians with good government of our nation. No, we believe them. The next step will be to believe IN them. I believe in Alfred the Harvard Luminary and in Gonzi the inheriotrof unwanted property in BXL, I believe in Joseph Muscat (and not Mifsud.. thanks Mark) who first opposes entering the EU (over his dead body) and then becomes a dedicated Europhile MEP, I believe in the parties who bring me much good and I believe in their televisions and propaganda. Hell. If I go on believing so much I might even be entitled to a miracle!

We deserved to go out� but they are more ugly (sic) than Camilla

And now for something completely different. Sports. Juventus deserved to be outclassed and outshined by a defensive minded Liverpool on Wednesday. The performance was shameful to say the least. I am not ashamed to say that I shed a tear or two at the end of the match. However when you lose your will to win you do not deserve to win any more. So we will be left waiting another year having got our fair share of fun from this years' Champion's league. I am sure Mourinho's Chelsea will provide the right fodder for Milan not to win another of these Cups. Meanwhile back in the Delle Alpi the ousted team's fans must win the prize for most humorous banner exposed in European matches this year�

While the bianconeri supporters did have some shameful banners promising blood and revenge to the scousers (shame, shame, shame), the Champion of Banners was unfurled in the direction of the English supporters and even the scousers must have enjoyed the humour. There for all to see were inscribed the words "YOU ARE MORE UGLY THAN CAMILLA". English grammar must have posed some problems to the ultras but this did not reduce the value of this hilarious banner.

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Three thumbs up to the Juve humour� we will back next year� meanwhile �.they think it's all over� it is for us!

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Mark Vella a dit…

Re MLP opposition to EU, guess it was not Joseph Mifsud, but current MEP Joseph Muscat.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

I always get it wrong. Sorry. will correct it pronto! Thanks for correction.

Kenneth a dit…

Hilarious, but not as much as this one.

Fausto Majistral a dit…


Isn't that a photomontage? I mean look at how the banner seems to "disappear" below the headrest. There must be a few good hands with photoshop at Union Press. Just remember how many people fell for this on 1 April!

Kenneth a dit…

Le le, that's 100% genuine. Unless Reuters knew of the MLP and did the photomontage themselves...

I think I had a screenshot of that photo when it appeared on the Reuters site last summer. I will upload when I'll find it.