samedi, avril 23, 2005

It's the e-mail stoopid!

THE regular use of text messages and e-mails can lower the IQ more than twice as much as smoking marijuana. Or so scientists seem to be saying. How will we break this news to our politicians? Joe Saliba and Jason Micallef should be banned from using PCs. They risk total IQ annihilation.

I read this article in The Times and immediately began to understand all the recent memory lapses and lack of concentration I have at work. I must admit I feel vulnerable to this infomania business. Scary no? Well if you have any similar experiences and want to share them..... don't.

Just head off to Amsterdam and you know what to do there... no I don't mean piss!

This is a recent photo of me (about one hour recent). Don't I look sick of infomania?
Always better than nymphomania anyway!

Image hosted by

there ... for my fans and adulators...

PS (non-sequitur aside) Don't you just think that Norah Jones and Ray Charles (Here We Go Again) combined are magnificent?

5 commentaires:

gybexi a dit…

u mela hekk... naqra faccione ta' avukat! is that a Mac in the background?

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

yep my very own iMac G5
she's gorgeous :P

luv Dr. jacques (ghax hawn ma nuzawhiex id-doktor)

Kenneth a dit…

Nice G5 (had to brighten up the pic in photoshop because the pic is too dark)

Anonyme a dit…

Blimey mate! That photo of you looks like Ronnie Kray!


Well, I'll be blowed!

(Great blog btw).

Antoine Cassar a dit…

I like the photo... you look a lot like someone I know in Madrid, the owner of a great jazz club I used to go to and where some of my friends work. You don't look arrogant at all...