jeudi, avril 14, 2005

Students Ignore Political Debate

Also from the papers, Massimo Farrugia reports a political debate on campus at the UOM. As usual the Maltese journalist who has drawn the short straw and has to drive to campus, find a parking and report the usal banter from the three heads of political parties is probably bored by the time he sits down to write his article. Which explains that 'only' 150 students on campus becomes a negative headline while around 100 'kerchief waving freaks in a Kazin is conceived as a success.

I always hated press reporting of student affairs. It was biased against the student - a sort of resentment, as though students owe the world more than anyone else. Students have to carry the cursed stipend on their back like a burden every minute of their study (and plagiarise) life and HAVE to be interested in what Tom, Dick and Harry have to say when they come to campus. Shame on them for turning their attention to the wonderful hot-dogs being sold under the spring shade of the campus trees! Shame on them for not listening to the political creme de la creme who, as reported by a bored Farrugia, chose the usual tactic of long ramblings to avoid engaging the interested few in a debate as it should be.

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Harry Tom and Dick

Foreign politicians visiting Universities are more respectful in that respect. More ready to engage and discuss. See Blair and Clinton for example. Not exactly the stage managed apperances with caveats that we see in our Alma Mater.

And by the way Mr Farrugia (sorry if I picked on you) you might want to investigate why there were even those 150 students. You would probably find that they are the usual rent-a-mob by the political organisations on campus. The whisperings of "ejja ghax gej IL-KAP" [come along because our LEADER is coming] would have been going round campus from early morning to ensure that "ma naqghux ghan-nejk" [we do not give a bad impression] and that "nistaqsuhom ahna il-mistoqsijiet" [so that our side asks the questions].

Yes it is sad that students are not as interested in Maltese politics. But given the state of the subject... who could blame them?

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Mark Vella a dit…

I am particularly intrigued by how you captioned the pic portraying the three leaders. AD are lucky to have a leader called Harry, while the choice of who'd be Dick might have been quite an onerous task.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

:) some habits die hard.
Would you have preferred Harry, Wenz and Alf?

Mark Vella a dit…

Not at all. Tom also suits Gonzi fine, as it is a very common and colourless name (despite Tom Jones, Thom Yorke, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom (ta' Jerry), Tom Cruise etc.).

Interesting also that many tom-expressions cannot really be attributed to someone like Gonzi: tomfoolery, tomboy, tomcat, Tommy gun.