mercredi, juin 01, 2005

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So. The ideal blog has three short paragraphs. There is such a thing as an 'A-list' blog which seems to be a very, very popular blog that somehow stops being personal and becomes very, very public. Apparently nowadays the most important thing in your resum� is your blog. Soon you might not be anybody without a blog. The aboutmalta list of maltese blogs now runs into two pages even though the Next 50 tag is deceiving since there are no more than 20 on the second page. The raison d'�tre of blogs, bloggers and blogging is still under scrutiny but then so is our very own existence so nothing new there.

People have begun to be sacked for blogging about their work in a negative way. There is a technical word for that but it slips my mind. I have not managed to retain that piece of trivia yet. I still believe that blogging needs coverage by traditional media to 'take off' Sharon. It may exist on the ether but it is promotion (or should I say syndication) that will give it a face for the masses. The revolution of thought requires an audience. Incidentally it is not I alone who says this (I love the grammar in this one) but also the Economist, the Guardian, Blog Reviews world and net over.

Meanwhile (and this is my third paragraph so I have to wind up (or down)), I have been trying to understand the gadgetries and gimmicks that exist out there for us to peruse and use. Got stuck on a site called technorati and gazed in awe for over twenty minutes without really knowing what the hell was going on. Who is syndication and why do I need him? Is RSS really that simple? Does blogger RSS for me? Is that a form of syndication? Is that also associazione a delinquere? The blog, like the haiku, must be short and concise to be effective. Like me.

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Antoine Cassar a dit…

The blog, like the haiku, must be short and concise to be effective.

That strikes me as a very true statement. Once I start writing I just keep going (I have a bad habit of writing long e-mails...) and I only seem to find concision in poetry. So now we see what the haiku, the sonnet and the blog have in common :-)

Kenneth a dit…
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Kenneth a dit…

Talk about not being able to write concise blog entries, e-mails, and essays! No wonder that I rarely ever did well in summary writing at school...

MaltaGirl a dit…

I followed several stories over the firing of bloggers over the last year, with some alarm.

Since I don't want to be the first Maltese blogger to experience this fate, I have written nothing on my blog about my job applications/job interviews in the last few months. And when I eventually get hired, I am going to be VERY CAREFUL about what I write related to events at work e.g. not identifying the company I work for...

This has happened to quite a few people in the US, and late last year a British blogger who worked at Waterstones became the first Brit to be fired because of his blog.

Some of the firings may have been deserved, like the airline hostess who posted pictures of her in her uniform, in an aircraft, in ridiculous poses. And for revealing R&D info, ok. But I think there's a fine line and I hope that this firing business doesn't become a trend.

I didn't even mention my blog on my job application form, just in case... :-)

Arcibald a dit…

When posting a blog entry change the time of the post to 7pm if you finish at 5pm. That way all your entries will be in times when you're not working.

Or else send an email to yourself (or save it as draft) and then when you're home just re-read the entry for corrections and post it.

I do both all the time.

Easy no?

RabidDeity a dit…

are three paragraphs
enough to slag idiots like
lorna vassallo?