dimanche, juin 26, 2005

Non Sequitur #1

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It costs a little less than 300,000 Euros to buy a three bedroom house in Metz, France. This includes your own garden, your play room, your cellar and a garage.

For the same price you could buy a two bedroom apartment in Sliema, Malta. No parking, no greenery, no playroom, no cellar and if you are lucky it has "walking distance to the sea" written in its description.

2 commentaires:

gybexi a dit…

...and it's actually cheaper to buy a house here than it is in Metz.

in a few years there will be quite a few kids called Jean-Pierre Werner-Zammit and Marc Van Gudja - x'imhatra!

vlad a dit…

My garden, my playroom and my cellar! Shouldn't I have been consulted about this beforehand?
Anyhow, the sum still seems a bit steep for what is probably a country house on the outskirts of a provincial French town. In some highly picturesque parts of Southern Italy it is still possible to buy an unrenovated, three-bedroom house for quite a bit under a hundred thousand.