mardi, juin 14, 2005

Smooth Criminal

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They will blog about it. They will sing again. The Weird King of Pop is "free". I could not help mulling about juries and jury systems last night when I first read the news. Then I remembered that not so long ago I welcomed the result of another jury with open arms. It is not that I believe MJ to be guilty or not guilty, it is just that I could not help wondering how the NOT GUILTY on all counts came to be. Have I fallen foul of the media trap which crucified MJ long before the crucifix was erected?

Not for me to decide. I was not there (thankfully) and I did not follow the evidence or the proceedings. However something tells me this is not the last time that Jacko has his brush with the law. This time he fought the law and he won. Thus ends another chapter in HIStory.

The main losers following this battle seem to be the airwaves. Suddenly it is trendy to play Jackos numerous hits. It baffles me because it seems like the music was on trial too. After "the day the music died" and "the day the music joined the army" it would seem that we would have a "day the music went behind bars ". Ah.. imagine Jacko's version of Jailhouse Rock!

That is why this morning I showered to the sound of "Thriller", dressed to the sound of "I'm Bad", looked for my keys to the tune of "The way you make me feel" and drove to work hearing "You are not alone".

Funny.... no one was playing Smooth Criminal.

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