vendredi, juin 10, 2005

The New Salem Witchhunt

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Following the revolt of the elite liberals, the bohemian bourgeouis and the wankellectual plebs we expect the witchhunt in the next few days headed by Gift of Life Inquisitors and Tonio Borgemada.

Burn! Wankellectual Burn!

Meanwhile... there are worse things than IVF in this world Mrs Camilleri...

It's life Sonia but not as we know it!

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4 commentaires:

Antoine Cassar a dit…

Il-alla x'int xbir... Tonio Borgemada!!!

Bertu ta l-Angli a dit…

dan hu l-innu

Bertu ta l-Angli a dit…
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vlad a dit…

If di-ve are making the slip-ups it's a bit harsh to be critical, but this is one hell of an opener from today's Times:

"In a disturbing example of patricide, a jury panel last week returned a 7-2 not guilty verdict and cleared the son of murdering his father."

Before I got to the end of the sentence I finally thought something a bit more newsworthy than a "large" fish being spotted in Marsascala Bay had happened in Malta.