mardi, décembre 12, 2006

The Blogging Other

While the average number of daily visitors to J'Accuse is repristinated to around 200 (after the lull caused by the long absence), the other blogs still totter along with their average of 30 or so. So be it. I just thought that you might like to know what is going on elsewhere on my part of the blogosphere. Consider it a little advertorial for the less followed, but by no means less dear, of the set:


Kinnie & Twistees
The project is still moving on at full blast and has by now garnered a list of quiet admirers who prefer to comment on personal email rather than use the comment section. The original idea remains the contrast between life abroad and in Malta. I am still toying with a resurrection of the Sibtijiet Flimkien series that had already appeared in J'accuse. The standard postings commenting on life abroad and reminscing about Maltese parallels are regularly punctuated with installments from miniseries. First and foremost is the Folklor Urban ghas-Seklu 21 - a creative project that has no particular direction but is slowly taking shape. Join Momu on his adventures in the Maltese reality. A new series has been started today. Short translations from the Adventures of Nasr Eddin Hodja - a character from muslim tales... should be good fun.

A few links:

Folklor Urban ghas-Seklu XXI
I. Karawett

II. Kafé


III. Kuluri

Stejjer ta' Nasr Eddin
I. L-Ghonja u l-Foqra

Il Bollettino della Sgi*a
Gakbu writes in to tell me that the dearth of stories over the last few months was mainly a metaphysical pause for reflection and recollection. In truth the main reason is that Bollettino fell far down on the last of Blogging and writing priorities ... much to the chagrin of some faithful readers. Some recent entires like L-Idjota and S.I.B point to a stuttering revival. Gakbu confirms that the Bollettino will try to maintain at least a once monthly appearance. Patience.

Mhusc ghasc niecsa minn taghna l-chitba
Tahsbu li hi spariscsciet
Inchella dlonc tincabdu fil-gidba
U hemm tinfneu b'haphna inchuiet

Of course, Espresso is not a blog. It is an online paper. A J'accuse column appears weekly on the paper (Tuesdays) though this should not stop you from checking out the articles that are added daily to the budding e-paper.

Patrick (aka Pecklectrick - never got this right) constantly complains that the Lamppost campaign died out. Fausto makes a meal out of the fact that Postform fizzled out. The first lost its momentum with the relative calm coming from the forces that inspired its conception (Imperium et al). The second is unfortunately true. Postform the blog did not reach a steady level of contributions. We will have to archive it for now although we will not shun any possibility of a revival.

The Laughing Fit
This still remains the hobby away from the hobby. Every now and then I receive that attachment or read that story that is so funny to be shared. Rather than spam it around I just post it on the blog dedicated to humour. It's free, it takes up no space... so no harm done!


That's all folks... and yes... should you have any feedback regarding format, content or development of the blogs in question do not hesitate to drop me a line on jacques dot zammit at gmail dot com.

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