vendredi, décembre 15, 2006


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From the Times:
The Nationalist Party said it will be suspending all political activities between Monday and January 7. It is the second year that the PN is doing so during the festive season. The party said it is also refraining from issuing political statements and from airing or printing political articles or programmes on its media.

Thanksgod as Rita Law would say. Labour supporters will be asking themselves whether the Times will be limited to Lorna's exploits and whether Bocca's weekly rants count as political articles. Nationalist supporters will not be missing much. The others will be wondering whether the PN ever had any political activities in the true sense of the word. But then one can understand... a party that is busy collecting half a million liri from its voters (does anyone monitor this process? does Mr X the millionaire split some money between some of his followers who phone in to "donate" in their own name and thus avoid any scandals of party-funding by interest groups? do the party accolytes care how that money is spent?) can scarcely have time for politics.

In my time at SDM I had started issuing a journal called Politics Now! I remember that we had tried contacting various members of the PN intelligentia (among other people) to contribute with articles debating christian-democrat values. I also remember the scarcity of replies. As far as I know the PN does not need a moratorium on political articles... they have been absent for quite some time now.

A moratorium on useless propaganda that goes nowhere, a moratorium on mud slinging and name calling, a moratorium on mentioning Labour's dark ages... now that would be something. Until then we are all left in suspense....

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