mercredi, décembre 13, 2006

The Other Bloggers

The self-centred presumptiousness of us bloggers often leads us to announce the (relative) death of the blogosphere whenever a dearth of posts afflicts the blogroll on our newsreader. J'accuse is (probably first) among these culprits of navel-gazing assessments and has often neglected the wider picture. A little stroll from blogroll to blogroll has revealed what should have been evident ages ago - while it is true that some blogs in our corner of the blogosphere do go through a moratorial period or a desolatory slump, there are others out there who go on blogging from day to day. It is impossible to list them all... human limits allows us only to update a blogroll from time to time.

The J'accuse list of clicks has long abandoned the encyclopaedic style of listing and the policy has recently switched to including those blogs that are regularly updated or perused. Still, I am sure that not many care about being included in this premium spot of blog space - the J'accuse blogroll - since, by Technorati standards J'accuse floats desultorily in the 200,000th rankings - a statistic that plants our conflated expectations back firmly to the ground.

So. Back to the new or the newly found. After a trawl of a few blogs I decided to point out six blogs that caught my eye. Two have been known to me before and had sadly slipped out of my sight only to bounce back gracefully. The list is of course subjective but still (for my tastes) enjoyable.

Trashcan - supersexy (her words, but the photo seems to confirm) XTINE is a reader of Holt and Eco. A personal kind of blog but I did find the language interesting enough to keep me reading.

intellectual debris - interesting rantings of Zurrieqi Dejvid. Just got into Uni - once again I like his style and the humour... potentially worth tracking.

hsejjes innocenti - Yeah I know. We knew of this one before. Love the revamped look (how long has it been since I last visited?). Cool blog from a cool veteran... but please more info in the profile!

zetetiq - Another "oldie" refound. Eclectically interesting - read anything from Spinoza, God, Condoms and conversations with people knocking on her door. I loved her TGIL style analysis of a KSU mailshot to students (Nov 22).

maltamalta - If you want to know what kept me reading this blog just read his latest post called Supermarket. This is a blog by a peruvian living in Malta. Kinnie & Twistess but in reverse. I also found his perspective on Malta much more interesting than the usual paternalising stereotypical summaries we get of Calypso, holes in streets and all that. Thumbs up for Peru!

songs of innocence & experience - She's in Frankfurt right now. I must admit that this kind of Blog name normally puts me off. The content - a very personal diary - is also not my favourite. Without wanting to sound negative I think I would want to add G back onto my list simply for her perseverance on the blogosphere. I am sure that there are many others who can compensate for the lack of appreciation that people like myself seem to have for this kind of blog. Way to go G!

malta9thermidor - Ok. I'm kidding. How can you not have good old Fausto on your blogroll? I've just been told off by Majjistral because apparently I have not criticised Harry half as many times as he has criticised Tonio. tut tut. Frankl(in)y I do not see the point.

There. This was my little round of newly discovered and rediscovered blogs (with a bit of Majjistral thrown in for spice) . There is no doubt that the assessment is only my own from my own navel's point of view. Up to you to decide if it's worth it!

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Fausto Majistral a dit…

Well, well, this is Christmastime so I ought to be nice even with those bloggers who have hinted that I'm a careerist Nationalist Party lackey and not producing much evidence to substantiate. So, yes, how could I not have the link to J'Accuse on my blogroll?

P.S. Trashcan looks hot!