mardi, décembre 26, 2006

New York, New York

The time has come to leave. And such. As Lorna would say. In 4 hours time the taxi to Lux airport will be the first step in my first adventure to the States. Unlike De Tocqueville I will not be on a democratic study trip. Instead I shall be devoting most of my time to epicurean pleasures... and who knows... maybe my attitude to all things American may take a positive turn.

Blogging will be down till around 5th January - barring any quick blogscapades when in the Big Apple. Allow me to wish all you readers a Happy New Year as from now. Looking forward to entertaining you in the forthcoming year.

A little note of thanks also goes to that entrepreneurial bunch who came up with a jolly set of Blog Awards and chose to 'shower' J'Accuse with the Pundit of the Year award. Thank you. It is appreciated, seriously, though we still doubt whether our blogosphere is large enough to be able to have so many varied awards that can smack a bit of "a little award for me, a little award for you" etc etc. Criticism always comes from this end of the blogosphere and I am glad to have been awarded something so that this does not sound like sour grapes. It's a beginning... and I hope we will be able to look back at the time when the Malta Blog Awards were in their youth and functioned as an encouraging pat on the back practically to all those people who were out there.

Thanks also go out to my friend Fausto (and fellow pundit indeed) for the nomination. A little slap on the hand to the award creators for not having thought of any award for that sarcastic genius Ajjut! Sharon better start blogging regularly to live up to her name for the Blogorrhea award.

There. Couldn't choose a worse way to end the year... criticising fellow bloggers. So I better end on a happy note....

... keep blogging.

That should do.

All the best and see you in 2007.

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