jeudi, décembre 21, 2006

One Small Step for MLPN....

From Maltastar:

The basis of agreement between the Labour party and the Nationalist party is a step forward for democracy in Malta. This was stated by Labour’s deputy leader for party affairs, Dr Michael Falzon.
Dr Falzon told One News’ Matthew Carbone, that the discussions were held between him and Joe Saliba for the PN. The Labour deputy leader said that these discussions led to the two sides agreeing to three basic principles, namely that the votes which count for determining the outcome of the general elections would be the first count votes, secondly that there would be strict proportionality between the number of votes a party gets and the seats it is allocated in parliament and finally, that Gozo would remain one district but that this would not lead to the Malta electoral districts being changed for the next general election.

Thank you very much say all of us. What exactly does the strict proportionality principle entail? Does it in any way mean that if a party gets a number of votes across all districts that is above an MP threshold then it will also have a right to be represented in parliament? Does it Mr Falzon, does it?

Thank you very much messirs. You make us all proud.

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Justin Borg Barthet a dit…

u xi tghid dwar li l-vot tal-ghawdxin jghodd inqas minn ta' haddiehor?

Aaron a dit…

u xi nghidu meta l-pulse qatt ma setghet ittella persuna fil-KSU?...iggib kemm iggib voti...