mardi, janvier 23, 2007


Not much time to blog right now - my work desk resembles a paperwork mass meeting and I am aeons behind in my reviewing duties. So I will point you to two separate bits of reading which should entertain you until I find a free minute to blog more extensively.

1. Victor Galea on the Times. Ad General Secretary's reposte to Victor Scerri's article that all but excluded any possibility of considering coalition governments in Malta's future.

2. Lanzarote (Pillory). David almost puts J'accuse at the top of his favourite list. Alas Lanzarote cannot resist sideward jabs (or maybe slips) like "masters of ridicule" or placing Mathieu Cilia in the same cuff as great whippersnappers like ourselves. You know what they say about the cow and sale thereof... what we did like is the implication that our agenda is the exposition of the unfortunate reality of Maltese politics and opinion column writing. Yes, it is part of the agenda on what is "Probably Malta's Most Popular Blog"!

* P.S. We are fast approaching 100,000 hits. I promise a J'accuse t-shirt to the best 100 words which sum up what you like or dislike about J'Accuse - the competition will remain open until the 100,000th hit is reached. The prize will go to the best written - and it could easily go to someone who dislikes the blog... although I do not know what he/she would do with the t-shirt then! Submissions can be placed in comments in any of my posts... just place "I'M 1/100,000" in the Title.

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