mercredi, janvier 24, 2007

Why Blog?

I. Barefoot Blogging
Darren Barefoot is a Canadian blogger (amongst other occupations) who will soon be heading to the Med for a six-month stint in my Gozo (that most beautiful of islands). Darren's profession leads him to ask questions about Bloggers and blogging and he has just set up a survey asking that most existential of questions: Why do you Blog? Take some time to fill out the survey and also to visit Darren's homepage... he'll need some tips when he starts settling into the Island where time stood still.

II. The "I'm 1 in 100,000" J'Accuse competition
As I mentioned fleetingly in an earlier post, J'Accuse is fast approaching its Second Birthday as well as its 100,000th hit. To celebrate this not-so-monumental event we have decided to have a mini-competition. Readers (lovers and haters alike) are being asked to send in a 100 word comment stating what you like/dislike about J'Accuse. The jury panel of one (Me) will award the prize to the most entertaining of these comments - such prize being a custom made J'Accuse Mug from the now not so operative J'accuse souvenir section. All you have to do is post a comment anywhere on the blog with "I',m 1/100,000" in the title and bob's your uncle.

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