dimanche, janvier 28, 2007

Sunday Logic

1. Not all Maltese are practising Catholics.

2. Introducing divorce in Malta will not oblige anyone to divorce, it will just make it possible.

3. The Church position on divorce is not what needs to be changed. The Church has every right to campaign against the introduction of divorce.

4. People who are in favour of the introduction of divorce are free not to be members of the Catholic Church. They can still call themselves christians if they like.

5. Hoping that Archbishop Paul comes up with a Santian u-turn and suddenly declares that the Church would like to have divorce introduced in Malta is ridiculous.

6. Whetever happened to give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's?

7. Why do we live in a society where these things still need spelling out?

Meanwhile more of Daphne on Gozo (about Archbishop Mercieca):

Raised in a Gozitan village at a time when Gozitan villages might as well have been in the remote mountainous interior of contemporaneous Sicily or Greece, he failed to adapt to the style of urban Malta in the dying years of the 20th century and the first years of the 21st. He is a very nice man and a kind-hearted one, but that is not enough for the job. He was like a man plucked out of one period and thrown into another, reacting with shock and bewilderment at what he saw. He seemed to have the rather touching naïve belief that, if people tried hard enough, things could go back to what they were in the Gozo of his 1930s childhood, with the churches packed solid and the parish priest interfering in daily life to keep us all on what the Catholic Church says is the straight and narrow path to heaven, while the spirit of Christianity gets trampled on in the rush to the confessional box.

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