dimanche, janvier 07, 2007

The Whippersnapper's Prediction

Some bloggers might revel in the idea of predicting what's coming up in the year 2007. I wonder if Sant has used that one yet... prediction I mean. Being of the whippersnapping kind we prefer to snap the whip as the news comes out. We do not find nostradamusian guesswork amusing, however as a nod to this pastime for the unpretentious and those lacking the necessary confidence to qualify for whippersnapper statuse we will make one prediction.

We predict that J'Accuse will once again be the blog with most posts in a year come the end 2007, each post will be full of the kind of stuff that readers are used to expect from what is Probably the Most Popular Maltese Blog.

J'Accuse... punditry made simple (and tongue in cheek too)

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