vendredi, janvier 12, 2007

Hebdo My Dear

This week ticked by slowly in the hazed stupor that generally accompanies the recovery from any major holidaying. Work productivity was at a record low - so much that I would sack myself if I could. No worries on that front since Monday will bring back a new will to live and produce. This blog was among the victims of the general faineantisme that affected my esprit and drained me of all élan. We did of course enjoy the saga of the weird names. I will surely blog again about this phenomenon - especially since I own this book that deals with the very subject of weird names in France (Laissez Parler Les Noms! J.L. Beaucarnot, Editions Lattès 2004). I forgot to mention two of the crankiest names I heard some time ago - both are real and exist in Malta...

Pride of place goes to family Pace who, in a collective bout of psychedelic infusing opted to name their offspring "Jurassic". Master Jurassic Pace will definitely qualify for the annals of history. A close second goes to family Haber who, with a demonic inspiration and a bit of lingustic stretching Mrs Bucket style baptised their little daughter "Pearl". Undoubtedly the christening of the young Pearl Haber must have come as an explosive surprise to all and sundry.

I will try to keep away from onomastic musings for a while now. There were some things that were slipped into this weeks news that would have merited a J'accuse post other days when blogging was quicker and the mind more willing. I liked most of all the news that said that PM Gonzi would be meeting Virgin CEO in the UK to discuss ideas about a train system. Gybexi's dream might be a closer reality. Why such talks always end up speaking of a Sliema - Valletta link is beyond me... what is wrong a backbone link between Cirkewwa and the Airport via Rabat, Birkirkara etc? Why does environment friendly travel start and stop with Ferries, Trains, Monorails (insert other transport of choice) between Valletta and Sliema?

Always on the transport issues it is nice to note that those nice guys at Airmalta are opposing Ryanair flights to and from Bremen because it is too close to their Hamburg destination. Great.

That's all for now. I'm off to France for the start of the weekend so blogging might be slowish though not completely absent. Look out for an I.M. Jack edition some time on Sunday.

The Whippersnapping Pundit has left the building....

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zetetiq a dit…

Pearl Haber's brother is Justin ;)
not joking

gybexi a dit…

ghal xiex qed tirreferi jacques?

ghandek il-link?

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

Hey gybexi.
Sorry for the delay. Here is the link:

Train still aeons away of course.