dimanche, mai 29, 2005

C'est non... carr�ment

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Looks like the Nays have it in France. Deep analysis is promised. Is it back to the cosmetic board for La Constitution? Will this be the beginning of a real European project or the death bell for a Greater Europe? Will we get a real Constitution in place of the hodge podge Giscardisms?

Ask not for whom the bell tolls... it tolls for Chirac...
much more will follow.

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Antoine Cassar a dit…

My vote is for the beginning of a real European project. From what I read and heard, Giscaird d'Estaing's version of the Constitution was very much watered down. If a large section of the French, Italian, Greek and British Left (and many Greens too) opposed the constitution in its current form, there must be a problem with it... and if Berlusconi and Jos� Mar�a Aznar approved it, the same goes :-)

My fear however is that the extreme or not-so-extreme right take this opportunity to declare the end of European unity. Well, not so much that, but the fact that people will listen to them.

So, once the Constitution is re-written or substantially modified, it will need to be translated again... and hopefully submitted to referendum in ALL member states. If all goes well, I see a distinct (but subtle) parallelism with the Buttiglione affair: the EU learns from mistakes (both their own and by others) and promptly has them corrected... it's all part of growing up.

Looking forward to your analysis!

gybexi a dit…

caremment jew carr�ment? :p