dimanche, mai 08, 2005

Fumata Bianconera: Habemus Scudetto

Just woke up from a deep slumber which was necessary to wash off the copious amounts of Averna consumed during the match (a miraculous drink... good for an uneasy stomach, bitterly smooth on the palate and still with enough alcohol in it to go with the rhythm of the match). I blogged this post earlier under a different title (Juventus) with just one sentence.

I had to change the title of course since I am a fan of striscioni (banners put up by supporters). Notwithstanding all scaramanzia (superstition), the Juve fans put up the poster "FUMATA BIANCONERA: HABEMUS SCUDETTO" at the end of the match.... a clear allusion to the recent papal vote. Let's hope it turns out to be true... otherwise fup will never stop bitching.

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We won! Thanks to all for moral support... I'm in ecstasy!

2 commentaires:

nigredo a dit…

bhala milanist akkanit u ferventi, minn qalbi ghandha tohrog - f'ghoxx trezegol...

Roderick Mallia a dit…

Fup, ippermettili ning?aqad mieg?ek f'dan il-kor... f'ghoxx kemm ghandek trezegol!

PS. La fumata l'ha fatta Collina che ci ha negato un calcio di rigore!