jeudi, mai 12, 2005

She cannot be serious!

I do not know whether to laugh or cry. Serves me right for even going on to read to the end of this.
To start with, the specimen spoke of reasonable cost-of-living while making me (obviously and beyond any doubt a lady) pay my own meal while sipping a cold drink out of a straw as if it were hot enough to melt his mouth.
Chivalric days! Wake up Lorna! Its the XXIst century.... pay your meal?? If you nagged on as badly as you nag in the article I would feel entitled that you pay my lunch. A sort of compensation. But then I am only a gentleman.
And again...

The behaviour of people at places of entertainment has also changed. Men are not dumping glasses on girls anymore. Needless to say, girls are consciously relying on the few traditional men left to corral that free drink. And by traditional I mean those that can afford to be traditional. God bless those men that remain traditional at heart but that can't live up to it!

Amusing? Hardly. Some more... translating to the subtle political message behind all this demeaning feminist (does it deserve to be called feminist) crap....

We value the real worth of the enjoyment of a Saturday night on the financial aftermath it might leave on our savings. Nothing is taken for granted anymore. Not even nightlife. Apart from such poor fellows as stood at the other end of my table looking at my food, most of us are conscious that the government's bad economic performance is even affecting our emotional lives. As I walked out of the restaurant my goodbye was more of a farewell although my intentions were never a "see you soon". The PN follower hardly knew he had seemed too pathetic to be worth revisiting. Firstly because of his strange penniless company but mostly because of his na�vet� in trying to impress someone by justifying the government.

Being such a helpless and unconscious victim of bad politics a ballot paper in his hand is like diamonds in front of pigs. I always doubted what democracy is based on but after this dinner - or semi-dinner - I'm doubting it the more.

Remember Vassallo number One on the ballot ... tal-pilot!
So what will be Labour's next slogan... Ivvota Lejber u jigu lura l-Kavallieri?
Poor old men who are traditional and can't live up to it.
I'm off to dump a glass on a girl.

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