vendredi, mai 06, 2005

Ludendo Castigat Mores

The Italian comedian Beppe Grillo is now also part of the blogosphere. Grillo was an early inspiration for my understanding of politics. With Grillo you learn that conforming to normal ways of politicians does not necessarily get you anywhere. You learn that there are many things that remain unsaid in mainstream politics. It was probably through watching Grillo that I got my first insights that 'politicians are all the same' and that sometimes the political class is more interested in power than in progress. When Grillo vanished from the tv screens we lost a valuable source of insights. His blog might be a welcome breath of fresh air.

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The Eco-comedian-politician Beppe Grillo

2 commentaires:

Antoine Cassar a dit…

Beppe Grillo is great. I remember watching him address workers in front of the Fiat factory in Torino. Hilarious! And very necessary too, especially in Italy's current media situation. Thanks for the link!

Toni Sant a dit…

Grillo's blog is truly inspirational!! Thanks for bringing it to our attention Jacques.

I wonder if Piero Chiambretti has a blog too. I looked for it on Google but there's no link. This doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't have one.