mercredi, mai 11, 2005

Romani Ite Domum

(and not Romanes Eunt Domus)... destination Melita
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Packed the bags. Emptied the fridge. Vacuumed the apartment. Washed all the clothes. All set then. I'm going home. Yep� sticking a middle finger up to the Luxembourger false start of a summer and heading down south to the cradle of civilisation for a week. Now, considering that I do not actually hit the Maltese ground before 11pm on Saturday all this enthusiasm might sound a tad bit premature. Trust me though, when you have been subjected to freak weather for so long you start to look forward to getting on the plane ride home. I mean apparently it snowed across the border last weekend. Snowed!

No worries. I just wanted to give advance warning of my upcoming visit to all the blog community in case anyone would be interested in meeting over a beer or gluten-free drink next week. I can be contacted on 7975 1111 between May 14th and May 20th.

Constitutional Wisdom
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Napoleon once said that a constitution should be short and obscure. I am not sure whether he was talking about himself there but I understand what the little frog was getting at. Giscard's meisterwerk achieves more of an uncompromising compromise in what must be one of the greatest political oxymorons of all time. The irony is that people are being asked (in some countries) whether they agree with it or not. The French are taking it quite seriously and currently seem to swing towards the oui very gracefully.

Sant's minions also have decided to vote in favour of the Constitution. The patronising Nationalists are very happy, especially
David from MEP-land. Some hardcore Labourites are not happy about the way Sant goes about deciding this stuff in his very own manner of secluded non-consultation (see Mr Seychell's rant in today's Times). Wunderbar.

I think it's time the parties break down into more rational sections. A Thatcherite party under a Sant-Gatt partnership, a Quasi-Communist Revived Socialist under old style Labourites, an Opportunist Poll-led Nationalist Partit under (fill-in-blank with favourite nationalist), an ultra-Catholic Christian Democrat party under Dr Tonio Borg, a Liberal Non-aligned BR Movement under no-one. Oh yes� and AD under Harry.
wwwwwwwwwwweeelease wodwick!

Not too serious as a blog. But who said I have to be serious every time? More like Punch and less like Spectator today. Must be the Malta Fever taking over. Once again� I can't wait for the weekend to begin.

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