lundi, mai 09, 2005

Libiam! Libiam nei lieti calici!

Having kicked off with a couple of lists yesterday I have come up with another list. This time it is a list of drinks to order when at the bar. The order is no indication of preference although AVERNA does come a top first. Each drink depends on your mood and time of the day... so here we go... my ten best...
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1. Averna or Cynar.
As already described, nice on the stomach, love the taste and alcohol content is sufficient. Also look out for Picon... another bitter with oranges thrown in to boot.

2. That good glass of red wine.
For that evening meal or just when you are home for work.

3. Gin & Tonic.
Nights out without too much punch. The Gin has to be Gordon's. There is no other. Beware the mood swing though this does not work on yours truly.

4. Negroni.
At a wedding or party nothing beats the good old mix of Gin, Campari, Martini *rosso and Tonic/Lemonade. Easy though, it can be a real knockout.

5. Caipirinha / Mojito
For those lovely summer nights you have to give it to the brasilians. Cachacha all the way or a minty surprise.

6. Port
Sublime in the winter months.

7. Limoncello
Sublime after meals.

6. Creamy Espresso
Nothing beats this one when you really are in the mood for a feel good, feel alive drink.

7. Kinnie
Taste first. Can soft drinks get any better? Give me the bitter sweet any day.

8. Coke
Some meals shout out for coke. I know most people will think it is heresy but I do find the beverage a good accompaniment to certain fatty meals.

9. Green Tea with Mint
Relaxing. A good competitor for Camomille.

10. San Pellegrino Fizzy Water
When all else fails... this is the ultimate thirst quencher.

Outsider: Pina Colada

There... a useless blog if ever there was one. Many might wonder about the absence of whisky or beer from this list. Of course... it's gluten free!


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Antoine Cassar a dit…

That's twelve, not ten!!! Hehe, that's because they all deserve to be there (I disagree with Coke, imma insomma... plus you forgot Disaronno...)

Your title for this post has given me a sudden urge to listen to the music of La Traviata. That will relax me, and I really need it!! So thanks for that.