mercredi, août 03, 2005

Non Sequitur #15

You are not alone...

The latest State of the Blogosphere survey (August 2005) has been reported on BBC News here. According to the latest statistics one blog is created every second. That means that as this Non Sequitur is typed at least 300 new blogs will have been added to the Blogosphere.

As every report is published, the definition of Blogs develops. Here is how BBC Online described them this time:

Blogs, the homepages of the 21st Century, are free and easy to set up and use. They are popular with people who want to share thoughts online.

They allow for the instant publication of ideas and for interactive conversations, through comments, with friends or strangers.

13% of all Blogs are updated weekly while 55% of Blogs survive beyond the fatal three-month threshold.

Blogs have played a part in highlighting issues that journalists have not covered. They have also proved to be a valuable communication channel for journalists in repressed countries who have no other publishing means.

They have recently shown how they can also complement and enhance mainstream press in coverage of events, such as the recent London terror attacks.

Till the next Technorati survey... this has been Non Sequitur reporting from hyperspace.

Illustration taken from Sifry's Alerts.
The State of the Blogosphere report has been the subject of an earlier post in J'Accuse.
The metaphor of the Big Bang is very convenient when examining the blogosphere.

6 commentaires:

Antoine Cassar a dit…

I quite like the definition which appeared today in the Guardian Online:

"The rise of the blogs has followed the launch of dozens of simple-to-use blog hosting packages, [...] that enable anyone with a computer and a net connection to set up their own "mental space" for self expression on the web, says blog consultant Adriana Cronin-Lukas."

Here's the link.

It's nothing new, but I like the thought of the blog as a spazju mentali, where individual thought perhaps becomes collective thanks to the power of the web. Or would sega mentale be a better description, in some cases at least?

Which reminds me:

Haga mohgaga,
Tahdem lejl u nhar
U bix-xoghol taghha
Thammeg id-dar.


Kenneth a dit…

L-imsaren. lol

Gakbu Sfigho a dit…

hatt ma iaph incas minn dach li iaph incas u dach li iaph incas hua deiiem ien (subjective)

Antoine Cassar a dit…

L-imsaren! Ha!

Nope, try again... think of the web... it's quite easy ;-)

Arcibald a dit…

Il-brimba :)

Antoine Cassar a dit…