mardi, août 02, 2005

Why JK Rowling is not so smart.

While on holiday in Positano around three years ago, Tufigno and I came across an american gal who was living at the same hostel as us. Like most americans on holiday she was eager to share her experiences with all the hostel, whether we were interested or not. So one night, while we prepared for a game of briscola on the terrace overlooking the stupendous bay/town we were regaled with Amerigals tale about how the Potter books got adapted for in-duh-viduals in the US of A because certain names did not hit a cord. So Snape (a name that should sub-consciously trigger ideas of evil) had his name changed to something like Mr Bad. Furthermore, if Amerigal is to be believed, the laws of Quidditch were also altered so that Amerikids would not confuse it with hockey. Duh!

But that is not why I am blogging today. No. Today I found a gem of a quote on a site that topped Time Magazine's 50 Coolest Websites of 2005. The site is called Overheard in New York and consists of anybody submitting conversations overheard in NY to the site editors. Go there for some hilarious stuff... but here is the one concerning Rowling:

Guy: What book is that?
Girl: The new Harry Potter; it's the 6th of his 7 years at school.
Guy: 7? Shit. If that author was smart, she would have made high school 10 years.
Girl: Huh?
Guy: Yeah. And that bitch was homeless when she wrote those books.

--F train

Funny eh?

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nigredo a dit…

i can't understand all this bile towards j k rowling... she is no pratchett and definitely no tolkien but as far as i know, she never claimed to be any of the two... she did definitely 'borrow' ideas from others (the aforementioned tolkien and also ursula le guin)... nonetheless the harry potter books have singlehandedly managed to divert girls' and boys' attention away from their playstation consoles, the internet and television for that (comparatively small) amount of time necessary for them to read harry potter... the order of the phoenix clocked 800 pages, and kids still read it... furthermore, harry potter also managed to open the gates for some to the world of fantasy... i know of kids who got into lewis, jordan, pullman, tolkien, pratchett and the rest thanks to rowling's books... on the other hand i know of other kids who merely read harry potter e basta... still better than nothing as rowling's books are far from badly written, and hugely entertaining...

btw, if you're into fantasy and haven't had a taste yet of philip pullman's The Dark Materials Trilogy, i strongly recommend it... it deserves to be up there with the best in fantasy...