lundi, août 08, 2005

Wish You Were Here


The last six days have been busy shuffling the parents and the godmother around the jewels of the North East of France (plus Lyon). Lorraine, Bourgogne and now the farthest south... Lyon... le capital de foot Fran�ais. I finally find some time to blog and reduce the ever increasing withdrawal symptoms. The azerty keyboard does not help at all. I am in the middle of Brasserie La Republique... a very kitsch pub en plein milieu de Lyon. All cities in the abovementioned itinerary are incredible... ETAP overnight sleep hotels help you save the money to spend on good eating. The Sfigho side of the family caught up and three_quarters of the company have been afflicted by a stomach bug.

Once again the J'Accuse forma mentis is intensively in blog mode. Too much to say and comment about to fit in this tiny intervention. I bought a blog carnet... much like Hemingway's original which is for sale in many libraires here. I will use it from now on to take note of anything bloggable when access to a mac is temporarily unavailable. Since I cannot stand typing on this infernal frenchy keyboard I will just conclude this tiny blog with an affiche... a list of things to be commented upon following my five hour drive back to the grand duchy. In the meantime thank you Robert and Fausto for your reactions on the blogosphere and the rest of you.... keep blogging alive!

To Blog List:

- International Herald Tribune editoriql on Blogging (last weekends edition)

- Bloggers of the past; Travellers and their notes on travel; book purchased in Dijon (7th edition published in 1864 originally published c.1792) includes four chapters about a frenchman's visit to Malta.

- Moet et Chandon, champagne cellars, chalk and Maltese potential

- transport and parking... where we could learn

- the Maltese Knights... they're everywhere

- Al Gore and the new media

- How Mark Vella can be useful.

All that and more in the forthcoming editions of J'Accuse.

I apologise for thebabsence of hyperlinks but this internet caf� system is not very collaborative. I will add them when back home. Also any typos are due to the AZERTY keyboard.

So long... off to eat a Gallette au Sarrazin!

Wish you were here.

2 commentaires:

Athena a dit…

I'm super interested in the French traveller's tale. Can we skip all the boring politics and get straight to that? :-))))

Btw your latest blog posts are directly responsible for making me buy too many bottles of wine (France always triggers thoughts of wine and other things I won't mention!) Now the doc can't whinge about me not taking 5 portions of fruit or whatever a day!

Hsejjes a dit…

Missing your sfiga side of depression is resurfacing....:-))Talk of wine has made me hit the bottle and loving every minute of it....Blanc de blanc, Chauteu Neuf du Pape, and a Marsovin Chardonnay thrown in for good measure.....My diet has just gone off the rails and it is all because of you. Fuq il-Kuxjenza tieghek!:-))