vendredi, août 12, 2005

Who are the Greens?

Harry Vassallo continues to talk about recent political developments and explains why Malta will not see a coalition in the near future. I agree with Harry on many points (I guess it is evident by now). Where Harry and I do not see eye to eye is on the Green issue. By this I do not only mean that I am not a Green. In a wider sense I am referring to the manner in which Harry labels all people who are dissatisfied with the MLPN monopoly as automatically being Greens. Look at these paragraphs from Harry's article in the Times today:

Being in politics and not being power hungry is a superb political action in itself. Our refusal to be co-opted to Parliament in the 2003 pre-election negotiations is invaluable in evidence of our good faith and our firm commitment in favour of authentic democracy. No other political party can lay claim to anything like it. Whenever we have taken up the burden of responsibility in local council or in crucial historical moments we have borne it well. When the time comes we will again.

In Malta we can give the country a Parliament. We can create the mental distinctions still largely absent between Parliament and government, government and the state. We can give the Maltese ownership of their country's institutions and give Maltese governments the humility they need to acquire in relation to ordinary citizens. If we achieve only that in five years we will have earned every cent of public money we may have received. The system can begin to work and the anti-system to retreat.

This is our vision of Malta's political development. We know that it is not yet shared by the vast majority of our compatriots and by none of our political adversaries. We know that they are currently proposing an impossible electoral threshold to perpetuate the status quo. They can retard the country's political development, they cannot avoid the future indefinitely.

Our greatest challenge is not a discussion on coalitions but to communicate our vision, to create the political culture that will allow citizens to choose a decent and better future for themselves rather than just choose which of our adversaries will rule over them. The next government will be just like the rest, whichever party wins the election. The time is ripe to begin a much greater change. It will take time, so the sooner we start the sooner we will enjoy its fruits. Not all of us will go for it, certainly some of us, many of us, those of us who can already make out the music.

Great stuff. I could not agree more. The only problem is that Harry seems to think that all people who think that way are automatically Green. Wrong. Harry and I and many other thousands now have a common platform. The platform for change. A Reformist platform with a capital R. We do not like the status quo and we have a vision of a better future. I am prepared wholeheartedly to support that platform... but that will never mean that I am a Green. I am currently 'lending' my vote to the Greens for a greater cause than Green politics themselves. As I have said once and will go on repeating... we aim for the same result and if another party could satisfy this cause of mine I will gladly back it.

So not so fast Harry... we are not as Green as you seem to think!

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Athena a dit…

Jacques, never mind politics. Our favourite news source, di-ve, is offering an interesting treatise on logic (uh huh) and the deconstruction (ok, mangling) of the English language. Have a look

Speaking of which, where's Lorna? I was getting rather fond of her :P

Mark Vella a dit…

Harry probably means what you are meaning. Greens is used, in the Maltese context, for people like you who, despite not being Green, vote AD or are potential AD (Green)voters.

I consider myself to be a Green (was in the Executive and ran for office, among other things), though I come across differently, as you may well know ;.

Ergo, all those against MLPN and wanting a general reform, are Green.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

Ergo xejn.

We can agree that the term Greem is being misused to encapsulate all Reformists. Bit I do not like the last statement that all those wanting a reform are Green.

Helwa din.

All Greens want Reform.
Not all those who want reform are Green.

Hence we need a Reform Movement.
(now that's an Ergo).

Antoine Cassar a dit…

Athena, the link you kindly provided us with is the last straw... I have decided that from today onwards, I shall refer to the di-ve website as Oghdos... fil-bahar ta' l-izbalji lingwistici.

No more "di-ve".. from now on it shall be called "Oghdos".


Dwar l-artiklu ta' Harry Vassallo, meta qrajtu dal-ghodu ma rajtx dak is-"sillogizmu falz" li qed tara int, Jacques. Harry qed jitkellem f'isem il-partit tal-Hodor, le? Ghall-inqas, hekk fhimt jien il-kelmiet "We, our, us". Issa, il-fatt li inti identifikajt ruhek ma' dak li kiteb, mal-"ahna, taghna, lilna", ghalija jfisser li ghall-inqas fil-kwistjoni tal-htiega ta' riforma inti tidentifika ruhek mal-Hodor, imma ma jfissirx li inti Ahdar... huma zewg affarijiet differenti. Jigifieri, li nara jien hi differenza ta' interpretazzjoni.

Anonyme a dit…

Was reading Times of Malta this morning. 300 applicants to become translators for the Maltese language with the EU. Pay? Over LM1,000 a month. Hope you do a decent job to deserve such an astronomical pay. Personally, I have my doubts.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

Good Morning Anonymous,
Just back from a little Ferragosto break in Antibes (South of France) where I spent a bit of my well-earnt pay. Astronomy is not my field, neither is translation so I will not comment on your anonymous comment beyond saying stop whinging... if you think you can earn it better than any translator, apply, do the concours and put (or earn) your money where your mouth is.

Anonyme a dit…

My heart bleeds!!! I think you should stop whinging yourself about the enironment and give endless thanks to the present Maltese government for giving you the opportunity to get the job you have!!! As for applying for the councours, us lesser mortals are not worthy.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

Endless thanks to the Maltese government for giving me the opportunity to get the job I have.

Endless thanks also go to the governments of Burundi, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau and the Comoros Islands who also contributed in giving me an opportunity to get the job I have.

signed Jacques Rene' Zammit
Mount Olympus

Anonyme a dit…

rofl :))