jeudi, novembre 16, 2006

Coffee Break

No, this will not be a long, Fausto-style break. It's just that instead of thinking for you today j'accuse will simply be telling you what it is thinking about. Complicated. Must be the weather. Anyways. We agreed with her article. Rather uncharacteristically we found his rather uninteresting. We thought that the whole ruckus about this is far-fetched. Once again we find him hilarous and his victims ridiculous. We find this absolutely unnecessary. We thought this had a good ending and we think this is worth reading. We know that it is uncoventional to hyperlink words like it, his, this and him... but then this is j'accuse... the truth if I lie.

Finally the secret will be out soon. This blog might be going places.... it's all in the title (in a way).

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Antoine Cassar a dit…

Saludos desde Madrid.

I bought The God Delusion about a month ago. Kevin (l-Imzebbel) read it in one night and then spent a whole week talking about it. I´ve read parts of it - very illuminating indeed, particularly where he speaks of the meme (which can more or less be defined as "a cultural gene").

If you'd like me to lend you the book give me a shout.