vendredi, novembre 03, 2006


Esteemed readers are advised that following the unavoidable hiatus, normal service has been repristinated at J'Accuse. Service will also resume in other blogs such as Kinnie&Twistees, the Laughing Fit and last but not least (we are informed) at il Bollettino della Sfiga. We do not apologise for any inconvenience caused to those 124 persons who seem to have logged on daily in our absence. We told you we would not be here till Thursday... didn't you believe us?

As promised in an earlier post that I am not bothered to look up, I will not be pressing my brain cells to remember all things bloggable in my absence. Such matters will be confined to the Lost & Never to Be Retrieved Section. I must say that I am definitely worried about the withdrawal symptoms that still afflict me when I am unable to blog - even about the most trivial of matters. I might seek professional help, but then that would mean that I would return to being a Non-Blogger... and that was a painful enough thing to write... let alone to be.

Dramatis Personae
The blogrolls on the Maltese Blogosphere are evolving. In the beginning they were simply lists of all who exist. Then came sophistication and with it pull-down menus, the various classifications and the first omissions appeared (or disappeared) as the expansion continued. The recent contractions meant that they were refined. Some bloggers chose to list those who they read, others those who they like, others still choose not to list. Interesting. I am flattered to be still included in Robert's list of ten blogs he reads... notwithstanding my conscientious objection to his blogs' nomination for the journalism awards. Ever the impartial observer Robert chose to ignore my wild meanderings and braved the storm by either ignoring its existence or taking advantage of the fact that after all this blog might very well be my very own personal tea cup. Then again Fausto's appeal for my swift return would also have been interesting, had their not been a not so subtle inference to be made - that J'accuse is one of the few blogs that provides constant (but not necessarily quality) reading. So be it. I just love the blogosphere.

Is anybody out there?
Which is about the time where J'Accuse lazily asks readers who have a blog of their own and which is not in our blogroll to point it out - either privately at jacques dot zammit at gmail do com or by leaving a comment. If you are using Firefox, I still have not figured out why the comments feature is disfunctional. Remember that clicking on the particular post title in the Hot Off the Press setion will help you in leaving a word or two in the comments box.

Somehow the bocca style posts always require an end piece about food. I could talk to you about the incredible stomach aches I have had over the last two days that kept me away from food... but I can hear you all shouting at me to spare you the details. So instead I will tell you that should you ever come across a Bergamot Tea Jam (gelee de The au bergamot) buy it. It's heavenly when spread on the right piece of toast over a thin film of butter.

So there you have it. We are up and running. And in case you were wondering, the marvelous piece of technology that caused the hiatus has been returned to vendor with all of the 319 euros that were originally dispensed returning to my pocket. No worries. Since I am on holiday all of the money has been spent at the Factory Discount Stores in Zweibrucken (which is near Saarbrucken, which is in Germany,). I am now fully equipped to jog in the snow. But that is another story....

God... it sure feels great to be back.

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Fausto Majistral a dit…

Here's another theory: Robert had difficulties in listing ten blogs whose authors are not anonymous.


Go through the list.

Immanuel Mifsud. Blogging rate: twice a month.

Sharon: just slightly more prolific than Immanuel.

dmax: comatose for the last 3-4 months.

L-Istordut: blogs once a month.

Mike: twice a month

And that's half of Robert's list. The Maltese blogosphere, that part of it that's more than just personal diaries, is dying out.