mardi, octobre 31, 2006

Standby for Inaction

Esteemed (and less esteemed) readers of this blog are advised that due to an incredible fuck up in installing new hardware at 22 rue de bragance that would have allowed my Mac to speak to my TV and my stereo as well as to my Playstation but has instead resulted in a complete breakdown of commmunications, blogging shall be scarce today, tomorrow and Thursday (probably inexistent).

Readers are advised to limit their unassisted thinking time to the minimum and to avoid forming opinions at all costs unless supervised by a conceited adult like myself. Should they be assailed by a sudden need to think, a warm bath followed by grissini dipped in nutella and a hot chocolate is recommended. Do not exceed the daily stated dose. Remember that Objects in the Rear View Mirror generally tend to be Behind You and that Steps can go both Up and Down at the same time. Just like your luck, your humour and in the case of male readers ... like your favourite football team's fortunes.

Enjoy the break. Coz it is a break.

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Fausto Majistral a dit…

Please come back asap. Can't just keep reading my own stuff and -- sigh -- Wired Temples.