jeudi, octobre 12, 2006


On Saturday 14th October another of the bastions of celibacy of the class of '99 succumbs to the trap of conjugal life. I have received a summons to witness the event of the tying of chains with subsequent reception at a Qormi Palazzo. I shall be there to pay my respects at both the religious ceremony as well as at the part where much alcohol is imbibed and food eaten in order to drown the sorrow that another of the sheep is lost.

Unmarried men from the class of '99 are a dying race. I like to think of myself as a breed on the verge of extinction. Hell... we will probably pass through the same rites of passage at some point. Until now I treat it like studying... better left delayed and panic when it actually arrives.

So from tomorrow I will be spending five quick days back home. Can't say I'm not looking forward but I never really liked short trips... they're as cruel as tasters.

This post is dedicated to Andrew Joseph Zammit, known in some circles as YSZ (read whyisit really fast).


Andrew "YSZ" Zammit (Bachelor)
Born 03.06.1975
Celibate until 14.10.2006
May his bachelor soul rest in peace in the Valhalla of
misplaced underwear, dirty linen and one-night stands.

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