mardi, octobre 10, 2006

Cheap'N'Cheerful Slash?

From Maltastar:

The airport departure tax is to be slashed from Lm20 to Lm5 by August 2007, according to an internal budget document seen exclusively by A Lm2 million increase in revenues from the same tax in 2006 will make it possible for government to reduce the tax substantially, sources at the Economic Policy Division at the Ministry of Finance told this e-newspaper.
I know a good leak when I see one. The interesting part of this article is the one that states that the Fenech Adami government had increased the departure tax from Lm4 to Lm10 in 1998 and the Gonzi government had doubled this figure to Lm20 in 2005. And now what the PN takes the PN will give back... and we are all supposed to stand up and applaud. But it has been 8 years of more expensive flying... who's giving any of that back eh? Now which Minister should I ask, I wonder?

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Arcibald a dit…

The best bit of the news, however, is the quoted finance ministry official: "I am certain that the air departure tax will be one of the visible deliverables by this government during the presentation of the next budget."

That's entailed many years of work to do... they should be proud of all this 'work' - the government should send them on a holiday (with reduced prices tax and airmalta ticket combined it will not cost much).