samedi, octobre 07, 2006

I.M. Jack - seventh edition

I.M. Jack - the weekly round-up on j'accuse

1. Bland
The week passed by without any great ground shaking moments being reported on j'accuse. Apart from some Ministerial breakthrough (Fausto is still labouring to deny any responsibility of that Rural Minister) with regarding to the use of wind and the government proving to be the usual whimp when faced with such graceful democratic lobbyists as the hunting confraternity there does not seem to be much to report from the j'accuse pages. Apologies for such blandness our mind was elsewhere and we are sure that there were more newsworthy items on show. But hey... we did not miss out on George's externation about animals and their rights. Vote George Get Orwell? Is that good Faust?

2. Bogroll
Fausto's return admittedly breathes some discursive life in an otherwise laid-back blogosphere. The neo-con blogger was not pleased to discover the omission of his blog from the j'accuse blogroll. We reassure readers that inclusion or otherwise from the new blogroll has nothing to do with any petty vendettas relating to arguments currently on the go. Not very lawyerlike that would be. Rather. Nope we have chosen to use the bogroll (not a typo medears - just a joke - I kid I kid in a burlesque fashion geddit) to pinpoint those blogs that we like to peruse for their content. And blogs will be added as soon as they show a little sign of life (that's like more than two posts a week in my book). Pierre J Mejlak and Xifer are exceptions. Coz they're my friends that's why. I don't know who Fausto is so he does not get that privilege.

3. EU Affairs
Yep. Those Units. When I commented that one of them should be told what's going on we never said which one. True there was a link to a random one - to give the general idea. But basically we did use the plural. Because we assume that every ministry has its unit... and someone somewhere must be in charge of telling some minister in the list Fausto was so kind to publish as an aide memoire that the hunters are going unpunished. So thank you for the Aide Memoire AND for the Prosy Points but I guess it was a tad bit too defensive reaction - and it still does not explain how the cowboys still have their way.

4. Cowboys
And as for Claire - I stand by what I said. She stood up to the authority. She does not write articles about protecting the poor and fighting barons with one pen and sign warrants of seizure in the name of the rich with the other. She stood up to him by calling a spade a spade and the mere fact that she charged him in court is a lot more than many others who build their career on a good network and not stepping on other's toes would do. See what I mean Fausto? Yep. In Malta even getting as far as being able to drop charges and be the one to decide when to stop can be a hard thing to do. Besides, Polidano apologised. Which is something that can be difficult to draw out of someone... ask the labour posse about Tanti Burlo for example.

5. Rush
No time to finish since I am due in Etain(France) in an hour or so. Got to go. Will be a superb nosh up with Mel's grandma cooking some of the best Alsatian choucroute to be found. Hope you enjoy today's show that is dedicated to Grumpy Fausto who we all love as our very own neocon on the blogosphere.

6. Where Links means Right
All links today lead you to Fausto. Just in case he was worrying that we had any qualms linking to a blog that tends to disagree with us. We love it. Seriously. Keep up the barrage. It reminds us that we are alive and not alone!

2 commentaires:

Fausto Majistral a dit…

Gosh. I thought the stark obvious would be stark obvious. So I'll say this very slowly: Ninu Zammit, not George Pullicino is the Minister responsible for energy.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

I'll say this very facetiously... eppur' si muove!