vendredi, octobre 20, 2006

Label the Nations Day

I thought of a game today. Picture those little warning labels or mini-instruction signs you see on products everywhere. Now think of one particular one and then link it to a country of your choice. Hey Presto... it's "Label the Nation". So J'accuse declares today a "Label the Nation" Day and readers are invited to submit their suggestions. I promise to make a post with all the ideas once we have a good number. Incidentally I am told that the Comments link does not always work in all browsers (Firefox for example - thanks Gary). While we are working on solving the problem I found a roundabout way of posting Comments. You basically link on the Post Title in the archives (Hot Off the Press) section - then you should be able to post comments. Also in a magnanimous move I will also start allowing anonymous comments again. Remember "Stupid is what stupid does".

So here are my ideas to set the ball rolling:

May Contain Traces of Nuts
United States of America
Keep Refrigerated
This Side Up
No Animals Have Been Harmed in the Production of this Film
Parental Advisory: Explicit Content
May Contain Small Parts
Remember: Objects in the Mirror are actually Behind You
May Cause Drowsiness
Danger Explosives
North Korea
Handle With Care

4 commentaires:

Peklectrick a dit…

North Korea – Come in we’re open
The US – Keep out of the reach of children (particularly if you’re Bush Sr)
Jamaica – Thank you for not smoking
Turkey – Sorry for any inconvenience
Brazil - Mind the Gap (the wealth one that is)

Justin Borg Barthet a dit…

Britain - contains saturated fats

Gozo - Unsuitable for children


Jacques René Zammit a dit…

Ok. Gozo quip is accepted although it is not officially a country (yet it has all the makings of a great nation). For today we concentrate on Nations... next week we can try something else.

Thanks also to Pierre for this non-entry:

Parental Guidance Rated (PG)
The Gozo Curia

Anonyme a dit…

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