jeudi, octobre 12, 2006

Schembri Schembri

The first victory since 1982 (I was seven then, I am thirty now) and only the third since 1975 (the year I was born) in UEFA qualifications. I cannot believe it. I got home from Marouilles (provincia di Metz) half-dead and only switched on the computer with a faint flicker of hope that accompanies the viewing of every result of the national team. The UEFA website title did not help: "Hungary Win Ends Malta Famine" does not betray a perfect grasp of English... let alone give any clue about the final result.

But we bloody well won. I feel like we won the World Cup. Don't give me a draw with Croatia (although in some quarters tonight some would have loved at least a draw with the men from Zagreb). To hell with a draw with Bojinov's Bulgaria. No, no. I don't care if the Hungary side is a shadow of the once mighty Magyars of Puskas and Masopust. We beat them. Two goals to nil. Schembri scored, Mifsud shone and Gilbert Agius provided the assists.

Carcade anyone?

From the other pitches:

  • My new pet hate Portugal had their come-uppance losing to that drab team called Poland. - the irony of it all? Both goals were scored by... wait for it.... EUZEBIUSZ SMOLAREK.
  • David Trezeguet was voted the player that most Frenchies would not want on the national squad. He responded in his usual fashion - two goals against the Far Oer.
  • Mighty Eng-er-land fell to Croatia, the team held to a draw recently by the valiant Maltese (yep, today they are valiant). The other team to draw recently in Malta (Bulgaria) came over to Luxembourg and meted out a narrow 1-0 defeat to this great footballing nation.
  • The question remains. Come March... will we beat Moldova?
And finally...
FORZA MALTA (Benny u Tonia)
tradotta bin-nejk mill-istudenti kors tal-ligi (Ultras Universita' 1993-1999)

Forza Malta nghajtu lkoll
Force Malta we say all

B'vuci soda nghajtu gowl
With a strong voice we say goal

Meta nilghabu go Ta' Qali
When we play in "it falls me"

Progress kbir ghamel it-tim
Progress big it made the team

B'kowc barrani imhejjijin
With a foreign coach we're spleen

Issa zgur l'ghandna tim qawwi
Now for sure we have a rough team

Mel'ejjew ilkoll flimkien
So come on all you together

Issapportjaw 'il dan it-tim
Come support this very team

It-tim li huwa ta' kullhadd
The team that is of everyone

Id-dinja kollha taf illum
All the world knows today

Kullhadd tghallem il-ballun
Everyone Learns the ball

4 commentaires:

Peklectrick a dit…

il-germanja ma gewx 4-0 hux fil-lussemburgu ghal li jista jkun? :D

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

No no. Luxembourg lost to Bulgaria. 1-0

Peklectrick a dit…

u kif irrapurtawh fil-lussemburgu l-iscore ta' l-germanja? Ghax apparentament qed jirraprotaw scores differenti hemmhekk...bhal nghidu ahna...Malta won 2-0...

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

ok. now i get it.

but the mistake stays there... the result of genuine euphoria