jeudi, octobre 05, 2006

Will'r'Us (TGIL)

It's that Thursday again. Dame Lorna is concluding her peripatetic democratic meanderings which lead to nowhere. Thankfully she sums up her thoughts in a majestic first sentence that contains all of the trademark styles that she has accustomed us to. (Hmm must remember never to end a sentence in a preposition.... preposterous really).

So today we will once again limit ourselves to quoting the offending sentence in full while hoping that she will return to more colourful topics in two weeks' time.

The last two articles in this series have focused upon politically irrelevant but determining factors in the way the single transferable vote system is implemented locally.
Irrelevant but determining. Way to go Lorna. The will of the people is behind you. We will you to go on and on!

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