mercredi, octobre 18, 2006

World's Greatest Ingredients?

Ingredients: Rice & Maize, Edible Vegetable Oil, Bacon Flavour, Whey Powder, Paprika

Now what on earth could that be? Gourmand sharpshooters should try their luck in the comment box. By the way, I'm back to cold (apparently) Luxembourg.

Coming soon: Why Air Malta could be better than what it is all painted out to be. Why the Sunday Times crossword should be online. Why Blue Elephants can turn out to be White. Why rainstorms are still something to speak about in the Maltese Islands. What White Nights and White Knights have in common. Why the culture of "demanding an apology" has found its own fanatical base of fools in Malta. Why shopping in Sliema is funky. Why Paceville parking remains the 21st century oxymoron par excellence notwithstanding the St. Julian's council efforts. Why building regulations are as effective as a Hunting Directive without enforcement. Why it's not a sushi if it's been in the fridge. And lots more tell me why.

*Picture: Model & Actress Amber Valletta or my idea of a Notte Bianca (nuit blanche)... and don't tell me I did not get your attention (N.B. All feminist comments will be arbitrarily deleted)

4 commentaires:

Hsejjes a dit…

Hmmph.Pfft. :))

Kenneth a dit…

What White Nights and White Knights have in common.

And if you check my blog in the next couple of days, you'll see what White Dames had in common with the White (K)Nights.

Andre a dit…

We're all waiting eagerly!

Andre a dit…

We're all waiting eagerly!