mercredi, octobre 11, 2006

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11-OCT-06 Ten killed in French train crash

At least 10 people have been killed and about 20 injured in a train collision in north-east France, emergency workers have said. A passenger train collided with a goods train in Zoufftgen, close to the border with Luxembourg, the state-owned rail company SNCF said. The crash happened shortly before noon local time, in the region of Moselle. The passenger train had been travelling from Luxembourg.

According to Le Monde, the passenger train was a TER that had left Luxembourg in the direction of Nancy via Metz. The time of the crash was around 11.30 as the passenger train collided with a goods train - apparently due to the fact that only one rail was in operation due to works and therefore the trains ended up in a head-to-head position.

More to follow.

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