mercredi, octobre 04, 2006

The answer my friend...

... is blowing in the wind. Di-ve reports that the call for expressions of interest for the development of an offshore windfarm has closed. This 105 milllion euro investment is expected to generate 10% of the electricity of the Maltese islands in the future. Talk about a breath of fresh air! Obviously expect the pea-brained "environmentalists" to object to the new development because of the danger it poses to birds. We have already heard that one. I think that a bird that does not see an enormous fan the size of two houses and gets hit by it deserved to die. Cynical. But hey... we're talking wind-power here. Now that's what I call an environmental measure George.

Maybe now you might even get some kind posters instead of the usual environmentalist trash eh? Who knows.... Vote George, Get Wind.

Hmmm... Maybe not after all.

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