dimanche, octobre 22, 2006

I.M. Jack - eighth edition

i.m. jack - last week in perspective

Welcome to a late Sunday night edition of i.m. jack. It was budget week and so in complete agreement with Daphne we will talk of better, more interesting things. Like blogs. Fausto is right. Daphne is wrong. There are no far-right bloggers. Our freakiness has not taken us that far. We blog... they forage. Anyways... here is the week in brief:

1. Admission
As the week came to a close we also got the first signs of admission that all is not well on the Iraq front. We even heard someone in the top brass of the Duh!merican Multinational Invasion Forces admit that Duh! States have been stupid and arrogant in their approach to Iraq. Meanwhile in his usual shifting the posts routin non-nobel prize winner Dubya Bush redefined the goals for Iraq for the millionth time. Next month he is expected to announce that the Duh!Merican invasion will be deemed to have succeeded if the Iraqi capital is Baghdad. Next month we will be hoping that the Duh!Merican nation starts to prove it is not so Duh!merican after all.

2. Revising Superlatives
Hats off, mourning and all regarding 9/11 and all that - do you remember how positively awed we were by the efficiency of the Duh!merican recovery? Do you recall how fast Ground Zero was cleared and how we had the announcements that something bigger was to be built in its stead? The duh1 culture of great, big and fast was in full swing. The first reaction would be to rebuild bigger and better. This culture is to be revised after the latest discovery of human remains at a building site on Ground Zero. The duh!nizens are waking up to the reality of imperfection. Of human flaws. There's nothing wrong in the mistake. There's nothing wrong in admitting that the crews that worked day and night might have missed something out. We know that. We live in Europe - the continent where the only superlatives relate to good food, good time and good living. The duh!mericans would do well to lift a page out of our book and get a bit of Normality Inc. in their lives.

3. Sino-Korean Relations
It seems that China will begin putting pressure on renegade leader Kim Bang Boom of Korea. The leader, formerly much loved in the Socialist Republic of Malta, is expected to bow down to pressure from Beijing failing any appearance by His Domness to placate him.

4. Red Barons
Schumacher, the second evil German with that name after Harald, will bow out of formula one tonight. I am hoping he will bow out losing. Could never stand the chap. i am also hoping that Massa will do well next year.. so you see... it has nothing to do with Ferrari.

5. Juventus
6th win on the trot. Breathing positive air. At this rate they'll be topping Serie A by Xmas.

6. Food
This short roundup ends with a pointer which might be a repetition but hell I am in hurry. Mousel Canteen in Luxembourg. Jarret de porc, feves and all... a divinity. Dedicated to Hubewt "Wasputin" Dalli who insisted on ordering Boffewding in the establishment.

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