mardi, novembre 07, 2006

Up the Knights!

They still have a badge that would look better on a cheap bottle of plonk than on a football kit (read gear if you never went to SAC). They still stuck to a name that is more deserving of hockey or basketball than of good old footballing tradition. I would have stuck with Università Mdina but that is a personal opinion. Well the latest addition to the MFA has a new funky website which can be found here.

Graphically it's a very good website. Just what it takes for a football club for the 21st century. The music is a bit worrying. You'd expect Clyde Puli to start blabbering away any moment. It might be taking the Mdina and Knight idea a tad bit too far. Then there's the English. They take a page or two out of the Di-ve Guide to Battered Language. Which means... wait for it... a TGIL style J'accuse special (usual rules apply):


Founding Members
Mdina Knights FC - an idea sprung up by the founding members Sean Buhagiar; Gilbert Camilleri; Keith Galea; and Matthew Paris. Their flair for sports and their ambition to intrude within the administrative side of local football [intruders eh. Now now.], has cast out [Creative language - you can feel them bursting on the scene] a football club which represents Malta's former Capital city. Their struggle to erect a professional structure has materialised [you see my MK friends - the materialisation seems to refer to the struggle and not to the professional structure - the struggle to grasp the basics of grammar goes on though], prove [yep. Prove of this is that you have no idea that it should be Proof] of this is the overwhelming support by commercial affiliates and the hefty [as in hefty fine - with all its negative implications to boot] amount of subscribing members, which in turn translates in a fortified [see? I told you they had wine in mind] vote in favour for such initiative.

Club's Ambitions
The club has embarked in [that's ON folks] an ambitious project to instigate a professional outlook [find a professional outlook and instigate it... probably using a knight's sword... or something] by installing the appropriate corporate structure and a statute, which governs the members behaviour. The committee reckons that mounting a decent environment between policy-setters and makers is of paramount importance [and there we were thinking that they would be playing football]. Such rapport would ignite motivation [fire up the passion ... a Lornesque alternative] and hence inspire all the key stakeholders to perform with due diligence and enthusiasm [elation that has been vetted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers].

Corporate Structure
The club's corporate structure, utilises [note: whatever happened to USES?] a flattened approach [this really took the wind out of their sails] which seeks to endeavour [to endeavour: to try - hmmm to seek to try] a less bureaucratic approach [yes yes. Now try less bombastic] and hence venerate a more dynamic set-up[ Oh! More Dynamic Set-Up we adore you and have brought thee our gifts] whereby individual creativity [and grammatical creativity] is highly fostered. Each committee member is entrusted with a vast portfolio [Minister? give me a break. A vast portfolio!]. The club's Secretary and the Treasurer will both be assisted by an Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer respectively . The other functional areas include the PRO department which entangles the club's image [Fatal fatal: Entangles, confuses even!... ] with its dependants and third party stakeholders [does the club hold some stake in a third party?]; The Team Manager will seek to engage [Oh Mia Patria... from ingaggiare to enroll] the best football team members and is repsonsible for a good rapport between the coach and the Club; The last but not least is the Team Co-ordinator which [They ran out of personnel with vast portfolio's at that point and the TC is actually an inanimate object] will be responsible to co-ordinate player's issues with top management [To understand top management please refer to flattened (less bureaucratic) approach].


Thankfully these guys will be in the business of kicking balls and scoring goals. With Nader Toutoungi and Ayrton Buhagiar they have many a milestone to look forward to. It will not be the Booker Prize but they did kick six goals past Ta' Xbiex two days ago and also won the derby against Attard. Pity for the slip up against Sirens. We will look forward to other results by the Knights as they have been adopted as the mascot team by J'Accuse... if not for the goals at least for the kind of football reporting that Lorna can only dream of:

Sirens FC tampered Mdina Knights FC positive run in the third(3rd) division league played on Thursday 19 th October at 20.00hrs at the Centenary Stadium. The squad devoid of players such as James Vella suspended, Mauro Vassallo and Joseph Debono declared unfit, struggled a great deal in the opening minutes of the first half. As time ticked off, MKFC grew bolder and managed to counter the fierce opposition through diverse initiatives by MKFC midfield players. MKFC did also manage to hit the upright through a fine shot by midfield player Aytron Buhagiar. The deadly goal was scored by Sirens, from a dead-ball situation, which alas condemned MKFC to the first ill-positive result in the third division league.

I was about to say that people should stop B.Comm graduates from writing anything that does not involve numbers. But then Lorna is in possession of a Law Degree. So I guess it takes all sorts!

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Kenneth a dit…

B.Comm is a bachelor of communications degree. I think you meant B.Com (Commerce) ;)

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

yeah. Those too! :)

Matthew Paris a dit…

I will not retaliate to your unconstructive and inept criticism to my articles, I will simply limit myself to write that, your serious of write-up’s related to Mdina Knights FC, has substantiated my call that, indeed MKFC did manage to attract a considerable amount of Media coverage and a larger amount of followers – which do also include a number of lone Maltesers based abroad.

Dr. Jekyll – I value your comments:)
Matthew Paris – Author to Mdina Knights FC portal write-ups